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Days in America Exhibit Statement


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In 1799 Spanish artist Francisco Goya published a series of 80 aquatint prints titled “Los Caprichos”. These series of images were created as a commentary on the Spanish society in which he lived, and reflected the changes taking place all around him socially, economically and morally. He described the series as depicting “… the innumerable foibles and follies to be found in civilized society, and from the common prejudices and deceitful practices which custom, ignorance, and self-interest have made usual”

It seems that not much has changed since these images were first published. In my own series “Days in America” I have used Goya’s approach to social commentary as a source of inspiration. These small hand painted collaged blocks reflect the same issues facing Goya’s Spain at the end of the 18th century, and represent America’s present with an uncanny accuracy. It is also Goya’s approach to offering his works to a wide audience by utilizing relatively inexpensive prints that gave me the idea to offer these series of blocks as an Artomat project.

Each small block is one of a kind, dated, signed and numbered. All are individually painted and reflect a day in the continuing history of the United States. Like Goya’s ” Caprichos” their meaning is veiled in symbolism, and much is left to the viewer to decipher. I have chosen sixteen for this virtual exhibition.

July  2010