Alejandro Mazon Art

Artist Statement 2018



I am Cuban by birth, Spanish by blood, and American by choice. Since I began painting in the summer of 1990, my artistic vocabulary has centered in the exploration of these very different identities. Like many other artist who have experienced a sense of exile, the foundations of my work are deeply rooted in the struggle to assimilate and the search for reconciliation.
From the very beginning, the pursuit of artistic innovation has seldom been of interest to me. Many artists struggle to be original and modern, only to produce work that is predictable and banal. By appropriating images from the Old Masters, reworking old photographs and reshaping found objects I intentionally deny the concept of originality, and rewrite the past along with its memories and history to give my own experience a voice. I see my work as a dialog between past and present, an exploration of ideas caught in the nebulous space between yesterday and today, the point where the memories of strangers threaten to become your own. To me, that is the very essence of what it feels like to be an outsider, and an exiled being.
Ironically enough, it has been this very denial of originality and the appropriation of old images that over the years has led me to produce an extensive and original body of work, which several critics have referred to as “Mazonesque”. I have come to understand that in the present, nothing can be truly original unless the past is understood. I personally have no idea what school of painting I fit in, and in the broader context of the current Art Scene where trends and hype make or break careers, I have ignored the waves and refused to follow anything but my own vision.