Alejandro Mazon Art

Artist Statement 2018



From the very beginning of my career in the summer of 1990, the pursuit of artistic originality has
seldom been of interest to me. Instead, I have focused on the centuries old tradition of appropriating images and altering them, along with their history, into my own iconography. My work is a dialogue between past and present; it is an exploration of ideas in an indefinable space, where the memories and the stories of strangers often threaten to become my own, and their portraits become my reflections.
Cuban by birth, Spanish by blood, and American by choice, everything I create as an artist is an exploration of these different identities and an expression of a constant struggle to assimilate. My work is a tapestry of old imageries giving voice to a new form of modernism, while venerating a Baroque aesthetic. I have no idea what school of painting I fit into, and in the broader context of the current Art Scene where trends and hype make or break careers, I ignore the noise.
The very nature of my process brings me to the use of vintage photographs, antique objects and old wallpapers. Everything I use has been discarded, ignored, or forgotten, in the belief that nothing can be truly original without remnants of the past. Often switching from the flatness of raw canvases and wooden boards, to the three-dimensional objects that I call my “Memory Boxes,” I have created a body of work that, in spite of appropriations, is uniquely my own and lives in the spaces between past, present, and future.