Alejandro Mazon Art




Jean Basquiat once asked me what I thought was the most difficult thing about being an artist…
“Being exceptional” – I answered.
He laughed, the laughter of fallen angels, the laughter of Opium vapors and boiling coke. The laughter of being a mortal cursed with the talent of Immortality.
Excerpt from my diary.
June 29th, 1981


Hello, and welcome to my website. I will introduce myself as somewhat of an oddball when it comes to my own work; I tend to be reclusive and dismissive of attention. I know my limitations and deeply understand my strengths. My views of the Art World have been influenced by the likes of Haring and Basquiat back in the days when I was a young art student at the School of Visual Arts in New York, not particularly good role models, men who not only distrusted it, but also self-destructed.

It is a fact that my career over the last 25 years has been an endless list of what not to do, and yet I have been successful in spite of this. They tell me that having talent has nothing to do with being noticed in the Art World… and yet talent is all I have ever had. I have never navigated the scene particularly well, and yet my work has always attracted attention, it has always reeled in the right people, and saved me from myself. There have been moments in my life when I have been faced with the choice between buying paints or buying food, the day I decided to buy paints I understood that I was both blessed and cursed.

Like every artist, I have matured and evolved over the years. These days I create, and that is all. I am at a point where it is not important if my colors please or if my subject matter inspires, I could care less if it is liked or disliked. You can write about it, ignore it, trivialize it or put it on a pedestal… that has all been done. The only thing that matters to me is that unfinished work that currently sits in my studio, and calls to me like a siren in an endless ocean; we all know what the songs of sirens can do to sailors, and yet, there’s no point in only being noticed in your living room. I am always torn between wanting to be invisible and shining brighter than the sun.

— Alejandro Mazón