Since my first exhibition in Coral Gables, Florida in 1991, I have projected a vision of sensuality, intimacy, and tension in my paintings, which over the years has matured into my own personal language, while at the same time communicating with an audience who respond to the work regardless of artistic background.


In recent years, the need of every artist to maintain a virtual presence has grown into an extension of who we are, and what our work is about. ALEJANDRO MAZON, DIARY OF AN ARTIST is designed tofamiliarize the visitor with my vision as an artist, but more importantly, I hope to provide my audience with a glimpse of the evolution taking place within my work through the site’s two main galleries.

The VIRTUAL EXHIBITION gallery is designed not only as an exhition space, but also as a “laboratory” or even a “think-tank” where I have the freedom to explore and present new themes, fresh ideas, and work with new materials without the pressure that often accompanies larger exhibitions at galleries, where the demands of the art world can have a tendency to interfere with the exploration needed to maintain individual growth. The images on this site will constantly change and reflect new directions in my creative process without the filter of dealers or curators. They will often become part of larger works, or simply get stored away as “process.”

At the same time, the PORTFOLIO gallery will feature larger and more evolved projects, providing a solid view of my work and a clear insight into my vision. These are the paintings currently being exhibited at galleries and other venues throughout the United States, and they reflect my current body of work.

I have also included a MESSAGE BOARD, where the latest news, exhibitions and projects will be posted as well as a CONTACT link, through which I look forward to any dialogue or inquiries.

I have always believed that an artist, regardless of discipline, is nothing without an audience. As a visual artist, it is often the viewer who, without realizing it, empowers me to create more art. I appreciate your interest, and I welcome you as a participant in the process.

— Alejandro Mazón